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Open Source Deployment Services

Achieving ROI isn’t just about choosing the right software.

Automate software development, testing, and open source deployment processes with experienced software deployment tools. Software deployment tools enable teams to automate the process of building, testing, and deploying applications. Developers can focus on their development tasks, increasing productivity and efficiency. Most cloud providers offer virtualized infrastructure that can be easily moved to different providers when needed. Deployments are specialized and often not reproducible, and moving from provider to provider can be a lot of work and overhead. Open-source deployment services come to the rescue.

While an open-source solution doesn’t completely remove the need for server management, it does streamline the process of deploying and managing applications. It gives users more freedom to host their applications wherever and however they want, while reducing the effort needed to get their applications to the market. With a broad range of functionality, Brigita open-source deployment services can help you deploy and manage clusters across a variety of clouds. With Brigita, you can manage clusters and users in one central location.

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