Creating Value at Large Scale

Brigita, your committed business consulting partner throughout the software development process, will hasten the pace of your digital transformation.

Spurring Business Transformations

We can lead you to a future where Business Anywhere is a reality, where everyone is prepared for whatever the future brings, every interaction is intelligent and smooth, and every procedure is completely automated and paperless.

Digital Transformation
Business Transformation

Data Engineering - Data Analytics & BI

Data engineering has opened the floodgates to new opportunities. However, if your organization’s data is soiled or of poor quality, it is impossible to mobilize it. Imagine a continuous flow of insights to inform your business decisions. Only then can you leverage data to optimize your technology and artificial intelligence investments. At Brigita, we can help your organization grow and stand out from the competition.

Data Transformation

Managing high-quality, timely, and large-scale data is essential for making informed decisions. Market insights help create the foundation for important business decisions and the timeliness of data.


Intelligence at scale with global expertise and up-to-date knowledge prepares businesses for AI. Combine reliable, modular, and scalable solutions with the data modernization journey.

Data Modernization and Data Management

Rapidly enhancing business intelligence and decision-making through data transformation. Businesses are modernizing by transitioning to a cloud-native operating model across edge to cloud.

Business Intelligence and Visualization

BI is the process of analyzing business data to support data-driven decisions. Visual representations of large data sets help businesses and provide valuable insights into consumer behavior.

Data Strategy

An effective data strategy necessitates a lot of visualization and planning. A data strategy covers the key parts of the data life cycle, from inception to the end-of-life process.